Application Instructions - Fathead Jr, Teammate and Tradeables decals

Where can I stick my Fathead Jr, Teammate or Tradeables?

You can stick your Fathead decal on just about any flat, clean surface and just like a REAL.BIG. FATHEAD. They’re made of same stuff, just in a smaller size. You can stick it ib your fridge, window, table, dorm room, locker, books, even the bottom of your skateboard. Just peel the decal off the backing, apply to a flat surface and smooth down.

Surfaces to avoid: unpainted drywall, brick, cinder block, porous textured paneling and textured wallpaper. Ensure any paint has been dry for at least 30 days before applying your decal.

How do I install a Fathead Jr decal that requires the rub on transfer method?

Installing a Fathead Jr decal that requires the rub on transfer method is different than the peel and stick method. The transfer process is more involved but it allows you to bring more intricate and unique designs to your wall. Click here for instructions on how to install with the rub on transfer method. Please read these thoroughly before applying your decal.

What if my Fathead Jr, Teammate, or Tradeables decals are not sticking?

Fathead Juniors, Teammates and Tradeables are designed for clean, dry, flat - inanimate – indoor surfaces. If you believe you have received a defective product call our customer service team at 1-877-FATHEAD (1-877-328-4323).

What if I want to move my Fathead Jr, Teammate or Tradeables decals?

Peel & stick decals can be easily removed from any surface. Place your Fathead Jr, Teammate, or Tradeables decals onto the original backing to transport your favorite team’s logo, player or character to their new home. Alternately, you can use wax paper to transfer your decal.

Decals that require the rub on transfer method include many independent pieces, designed to create a specific pattern and are not intended to be reusable. We do not recommend trying to move the decal once it has been applied. However, they are removable and will not do any damage to your wall if you decide to take them down.

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