Gift Card FAQ

How do I purchase a Gift Card?

Visit our gift card page. Choose the dollar amount you want and add it to your cart. We offer denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100.

How do I redeem a gift card?

Gift Cards are only redeemable at So start shopping! Once you've located the Fathead(s) that you absolutely, positively cannot live without, proceed to Check Out. Enter the Gift Card number on the Payment Page and you're all set! 

What should I do if my order is greater than my Gift Card amount?

You can use alternate methods of payment, including a credit card or PayPal, to cover the additional balance.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

What should I do if my order is less than my Gift Card amount?

Hang on to your Gift Card because the remaining balance is available for you to use on a future purchase.

Can my Gift Card be returned or redeemed for cash?

No. But your new Fathead product will be more valuable than cash anyway. Money is fleeting. Inspiration is eternal.

What if I need to return a product that I paid for with a Gift Card?

Not a problem. You just need to follow our normal return policy. If your Gift Card is still active, we'll credit it. If it is no longer active, we'll issue you a new one for the refund amount.

If you used both a Gift Card and another form of payment, we will first credit or replace the Gift Card with the amount originally deducted from it and then credit your other form of payment for the balance.

What can I buy online with my Gift Card?

You can buy anything you want on with your Gift Card EXCEPT for Gift Cards. Additionally, Gift cards cannot be used on international orders.

What if my Gift Card was lost or stolen?

Fathead is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards.

When will my Gift Card expire?

Your Gift Card will not expire or incur dormancy fees unless otherwise notified or prohibited by law. That's the beauty part. However, we're instant gratification types and don't understand people who could sit on a gift this cool. Don't make your Fathead wait for you. Go to and find your favorite now!

Do I need to keep my Gift Card after I've used it?

Just to be safe, hang on to your Gift Card until your Fathead decal arrives. On the off chance that it is damaged during shipping, we can credit your Gift Card for you to make another purchase. email us at and we'll walk you through the process.

Are gift cards taxed?

No. Gift Car purchases are not taxed, however, when the card is used to make a purchase, that purchase may be subject to state, county, or local sales taxes.

What if I have problems or need to check my balance?

We're here for you. For your balance or if you have any questions email us at

NOTE: All calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

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