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What is Total Coverage?

Fathead's Total Coverage Service allows you to transform your space into the ultimate fan's dream room. With Total Coverage, you can turn any space into a one-of-kind room with decor applications ranging from Vinyl Wall Decals & Graphics, Dry Erase Surfaces, 3D Wall Mounts, and even Magnetic Surfaces. Fathead Total Coverage is intended for permanent installations.

What do you mean by permanent installation?

The vinyl your custom Total Coverage Fathead mural is printed on does not have the same attributes as your standard Fathead graphic. Unlike Fathead's core product line, your Total Coverage mural is not removable and repositionable without causing damage to your wall surface (peeling paint, stripping dry wall, etc.). Your Total Coverage mural is meant for a permanent application similar to wallpaper. Much like wallpaper, your Fathead can be removed with less damage to your wall by using heat. However, we strongly advise that you have professionals remove your custom Fathead mural.

But why would you want to remove it!? Total Coverage gives you a unique space that cannot be replicated. The installation is based on professional, custom measurements of your space and designed to meet all of your theme’s criteria.

How does it work?

With Total Coverage, you will receive personal service from introduction to installation. Your account manager will discuss with you the space you’d like to transform and your desired theme; they will then work with a dedicated designer on your design concept. Once your design concept is approved, your account manager will oversee the design and production of your décor applications. They will also work with an installer in your area for when it is time to install your one-of-kind design.

What kind of designs are available?

Your space can be custom designed with an officially licensed theme from your favorite NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA & College teams, Disney, Marvel & DC Comic Superheroes, WWE Superstars or even general Home Decor Graphics.

How much does it cost?

Prices for this original service start at $3000 but vary based on project requirements.

How do I learn more?

You can see examples of Total Coverage installations here. Call 1-800-978-1044 or email us at to learn more and request a quote.

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