Learn about Street Grip ground graphics

What is a Street Grip ground graphic?

Fathead Street Grip ground graphics are approximately the same size as REAL.BIG. Fathead wall decals but made for driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, garage floors, patios and more. They're tough, rough and won't scuff. Plus they're slip resistant. They'll take the rain, the snow, and the baking sun. Put them down on unsealed concrete, smooth asphalt or pavers. 

Is there any place I should NOT put a Fathead Street Grip ground graphic?

You bet. Street Grip ground graphics are removable, but not reusable. Once you place your Street Grip, you will not be able to place it in another location at a later date. 

DO NOT PUT YOUR FATHEAD STREET GRIP ON THE WALL! Same thing goes for carpeted floors, sealed floors like wood, vinyl or linoleum, or vehicles. It's not that they won't stick, it's that your Street Grip could easily damage these surfaces if you ever removed it. Surfaces like unsealed concrete, asphalt and pavers are safe and won't be damaged when you pull up your Street Grip.

Click here for complete installation instructions.

You can view the entire assortment of Street Grip ground graphics here.

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