Learn about Stand Out cut outs

Fathead Stand Out cut outs are self-standing, portable die-cut images. They are similar to standees and stand ups, but higher quality.

Fathead Stand Out cut outs come in two sizes: life-size (around 6 feet tall) and desktop (around 17 inches tall). They are not wall graphics and not self-adhesive.

Life-size Stand Out cut outs are made of 3/16" high-density extruded polystyrene foam core with clay coated liners. Desktop Stand Out cut outs are made of a pasted clay coated news back exterior and a recycled paperboard interior. This means they are durable and meant to last.

Installation is simple! For a life-size Stand Out, remove it from the box and unfold it. The support system will pop into place. Then stand it up. Really, that's it. For a Desktop Stand Out, simply unfold the easel so that it is at a right angle to the Stand Out and then pull the locking tab down so that it snaps into place. Whatever size you choose, you'll probably to take your Stand Out places (who wouldn't?) All you do is fold it up. When you get to your destination, unfold it again. You can view more detailed instructions on our installation page here.

View all of our life-size Stand Out cut outs here and our Desktop Stand Outs here. You can also visit our Custom Creation page to create your own Stand Out cut outs!

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