Rub on Transfer decal sizes

Rub on Transfer decals are removable but not reusable. They are applied in the same fashion as a temporary tattoo and feature more intricate designs than our peel & stick decals.

REAL.BIG. Fathead Wall Decals - REAL.BIG. Fathead Wall Decals are as big as they get. Our rub on transfer decals range from over-sized floral to a wide range of monograms. Specific product sizes can be found on individual product detail pages. 

Fathead Jr Decals - Fathead Jr decals are the small space alternative to our REAL.BIG. Fathead decals. Perfect for dorms, doors and anyone who doesn't have room for a 6 foot Fathead decal. Same material and same quality as a REAL.BIG. transfer decal but, at approximately 3' tall, about half the size of a REAL.BIG. Fathead decal. 


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